Catch More Nightcrawlers

There are a few things to do to help yourself catch more nightcrawlers. Catching your own nightcrawlers is an easy way to save some money during your next fishing season. Lots of fishermen catch their own nightcrawlers and there are a few different ways to do it.

After a hard rain during the spring through fall, you can go out in the grass with a flashlight and a bucket and you can catch plenty of worms. Walk softly, try not to flash the flashlight directly at the nightcrawler and make sure to be quick when you grab the nightcrawler. If the worm is still half into the ground, you will have to grab its head and slowly pull it out of the hole.

An easier way to catch nightcrawlers is to look on the streets and sidewalks before it gets light out. You can still get them when it gets light out, but you’ll get more if you do it at night. (Make sure you are in a safe neighborhood and take a buddy with you for safety reasons.)

Another easy way to get nightcrawlers is to look in the grass fields that have a few inches of standing water. The worms will just be laying in the water. Pick them up and put them in your bucket. It’s that easy. You may want to wear some waders or hip boots with this approach.


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