Crayfish, often referred to as crawfish or crawdads, are freshwater crustaceans
that closely resemble lobsters. Crayfish are very popular as bait for a variety of
game fish.
Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and walleye are some of the more popular fish that anglers will
target with crayfish. There are many other species that can be caught on crayfish as well. Before you
decide to go out and catch some crayfish or use crayfish as bait, make sure to check your regulations
for your state. Some crayfish are considered invasive species and there are laws prohibiting anglers
from using them as bait, transporting them into different waters and even controlling how you can catch
them. If you are allowed to use them as bait, they can be very effective. If not, take a look at the
numerous jigs and crankbaits on the market that resemble a crayfish. These will help you put more fish
into the boat.


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