Rigging for Carp

Carp fishing can be an exciting angling adventure. Few other opportunities offer anglers a chance to land fish over 10 pounds almost every day! Best of all, these fish can be caught in almost all major waters in the state. To get ready to fish for carp, you’ll need a few items.

Both spinning and spin-cast rods spooled with 8- to 10-pound-test line work well for all but our largest carp. Many anglers prefer spinning reels with rear drag controls for easier adjustment when fighting a large carp. Use hooks in sizes 4 to 8, with shanks long enough to hold the bait of your choice. The size of the sinker that you choose depends on your desired casting distance and any current in the water that you are fishing. For finicky carp, you may want to use smaller hooks and lighter line.

Basic Rigs:
A three-way rig with swivel, sinker and single hook is a great way to start fishing for carp. Tie the piece of line that the sinker will be attached to with lighter line, so that if you snag the bottom, you don’t lose your whole rig. This rig fishes well in rivers and streams. Another good carp rig works very well in lakes. Even simpler in construction, it consists of a sinker running freely on the line, a single swivel to stop the weight, and a hook and leader attached to the swivel. The leader length should be around 12 to 16 inches. When fishing this rig, set your rod to free spool so that the carp can take the bait without any resistance.

Bread balls, canned sweet corn, nightcrawlers and crayfish are all popular carp baits. There are many bread ball recipes, some for fresh bread balls and some for more durable baits that are boiled. Add a flavor like vanilla or strawberry to your baits to make them more attractive. In addition, canned sweet corn and bread are popular baits for chumming. Carp are great fighters, and anglers can readily catch really big ones! Be sure to get in on this action!


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