Salmon eggs

salmoneggs1Salmon eggs are one of the best baits for catching salmon and trout during the spawning period when
they head upstream into the rivers, creeks and streams. Salmon eggs are also very effective in lakes for
trout. Many smaller lakes are stocked yearly with trout and salmon eggs will catch a lot of trout in these
lakes. In very deep water where fish are suspended, salmon eggs will not be as effective, but in the
shallower areas where trout can easily grab a meal off of the bottom, salmon eggs will definitely work.

There are two different forms of salmon eggs to use as bait: salmon roe and single eggs. The salmon
roe is more popular because it is easier to use. You can get the salmon roe from bait shops or from a
fish that just entered the river. The salmon eggs will still be held together in the early stages of spawning
and you can take the entire roe, cut it into small pieces and use as bait. You can also make spawn sacs
with the salmon roe, which is also very popular. The single eggs can be found in fish that are getting
close to releasing their eggs. Many salmon and trout are caught and the eggs will actually fall out of the
fish as the angler picks up the fish. These loose eggs can be effective, but you will need to cure them to
be able to use them as bait. There are plenty of salmon and trout egg cures on the market. A quick
search online should pull up a few options for you.


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