The Best Times For Fishing – Figuring Out the Best Fishing Times

The first of the factors that I want to discuss so that we can figure out the best times for fishing is the water temperature. Small changes in water temperature can cause fish to not only move from one area to another, but can also cause them to change water depths. As a very general rule water temperatures above 80 degrees and below 50 degrees tend to make fish less active, so fishing in these conditions certainly wouldn’t be the best.

Many times fish will move along “breaks” in the surface temperature, where warmer and colder water meets. Remember, fish are cold blooded and are heavily impacted by temperature changes in their surroundings. Fifty to sixty five degrees is considered “optimal” for many fish species.

Paying attention to the weather, or more specifically barometric pressure changes, will also help us figure out the best fishing times. When the weather changes the barometric pressure changes, and fish detect these changes with their lateral lines (that run along the sides of most fishes bodies). This is why old timers say the fishing is good right after it rains, because when it rains a barometric front has passed through the area changing the barometric pressure.

Another factor that determines the best times for fishing is the moon, or more specifically the phases of the moon. The phase that the moon is in has an amazing impact on the feeding activity of fish, so this is certainly a factor in determining the best fishing times. For example, did you know that fish are much more active during new moon phases?


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