Build Your Own Crappie Hot Spots

Fish attractors can help any angler build productive honey holes for crappie. By creating habitat where the crappie can hold, you can have crappie available and easily accessible year-round. Tree tops, stake beds and discarded Christmas trees all make productive fish attractors, especially in older lakes and reservoirs, where the original cover may have decomposed. Fish attractors actually may help improve the lake’s overall crappie fishing. The more cover you sink for crappie, the more crappie the cover will attract. Sink cover at different depths, and record these spots on your GPS. Try each of these spots at different times of year and under various water and weather conditions. You also can sink cover at different depths in the same general region to give the crappie in that area cover at their preferred depth on any specific day. Eventually, you will learn which of your spots the crappie prefer when. Then you can spend less time looking for crappie and more time catching them


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