Crappie Tips

In the spring you will want to target shallow areas that the crappies will move into to spawn. Boat
docks and marinas are often prime spring time crappie haunts. You will also want to target last
years weeds sticking out of the water as well as flooded brush, timber, stumps etc.

You can also fish for crappies at night using a light to attract bugs, which attract smaller minnows,
which will bring in the crappies. In summer they can suspend far off the bottom. A good method of
searching out these fish is to drift fish minnows under slip bobbers.

Jigs and minnows are good crappie producers, as are small crankbaits, like the mini fat rap by
Rapala. Inline spinners like the Aglia from Mepps will also take their fair share of crappies. When
they are actively feeding, a small tube jig and a 1 1/2 to 2 inch tube jig is all you will need to fill your
live well.

Through the ice, beemoth and crappie minnows dangled under a bobber work extremely well.


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